Advertising objectives
Effectiveness depends directly on the setting of goals. The selection of tools and channels for promotion, the creation of media plan – everything is based on the desired goals.
Injections of traffic
Get the targeted traffic of the highest quality delivered right to your site. More vistitors within a shorter period of time.
Leads supply
All of our leads are generated by a team of lead generation experts. We focus on the highest converting
traffic sources and optimize relentlessly to increase volume on high performers.
Increase brand awareness
One of our most important goals is to create brand awareness for your product. To ensure your brand
gets the best visibility possible, consider a wide variety of our marketing strategies and options.
Targeting options
To aim on your audience, you need a good scope.
Device type
Use device targeting to reach your best customers on any device. You decide when, where and on what device your ads connect with customers based on what's best for your business. Bid adjustments for each device type (PC, Tablet or Mobile) give you the control you need to
effectively manage campaign performance and return on ad spend.
Reach and frequency
Choose the reach and frequency of visitors exposed to an ad.
Whether your ideal customers are located down the street, across the country or around the world, our GEO targeting enables you to reach the audience that best fits the scope of your business and its aspirations.
Content category
Just like your business caters to certain customers, your customers may be interested in certain topics. Category targeting lets you place your ads on app or website pages with relevant content.
Operating system
Campaigns can be customized to target specific operating systems, giving you greater precision and control over who sees your ads.
It's possible to target devices using 3G, 4G and WIFI. While the significance of this targeting capability seems minor, it carries great value. A great number of possible situations (or the prevention of) make this type of targeting a necessity.
Two pricing models
* all costs are EURO based.
Flights starting at 100
CPM - Cost Per Mille
The price is for 1000 impressions.

This model is suitable for advertising campaigns that are targeted at a wide range - for launching new
brands or increasing the visibility of existing ones

Аpplied to mobile full-screen format and
desktop rich media format.
CPC - Cost Per Click
The price is for 1 click.

Money is withdrawn from the account of the advertiser only after each click on the advertisement.

Applied to the standard format of advertising.
of our ad units:
Standard ads
Pricing: CPC or CPM
  • Static or animated banner
  • Directing to the site
  • Leads
  • Directing to the app store or market
Fullscreen ads
Pricing: CPM
  • Image Gallery
  • Video content
  • Application for a product or service
  • Directing to the app store or market
Video ads
Pricing: CPM
  • Video or animation
  • Directing to the site
  • Directing to the app store or market
  • Interactive promotional video
  • Real-time statistics on the main indicators of the advertising campaign - impressions, clicks, CTR,
    conversion, costs, etc.

  • Statistics based on the context of advertising platforms give the possibility of automatic disabling
    inefficient sites

  • Possibility of getting the statistics in automatic mode
You will be able to launch your advertising campaigns via network self-service or let our customer service department help you with all that.

Service delivered by DKD.NETWORK is a guarantee of the high quality of the advertising campaign from the most experienced specialists in the market.
We develop
all the advertising materials, from creative idea to landing page
We optimize
the whole advertising campaign depending on the client's goals, on a daily basis
We take upon ourselves
all the difficulties associated with all the workflow of our advertisers
We prepare full report
on the results of each advertising campaign
We specialize in conducting effective advertising campaigns for large and medium-sized businesses.
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